[Compilation] Vintage Overdrive vol. 2

Vintage Overdrive vol. 2 - Hands Of Doom & Glorious Space Riders
Vintage Overdrive vol. 2 is a compilation featuring eleven Hungarian bands from the domestic hard, psychedelic, space, garage, blues, underground scene.  

The compilation was a product of the collaboration of Hands of Doom and Glorious Space Riders with the support of Baby Gorilla Records and it is available for free downloading through HOD's bandcamp page. Scroll lower to listen online.

Ripe Foal, the hard rockers from Budapest make their debut in this compilation. Lucy Dreamin, the instrumental, electronic/psychedelic/post/prog rock formation based in Szeged, have been featured with a live recording that has never been released before. There are also the stoner/fuzz rockers Muddy Roots and the one-man (Bien János) space/ambien project Head Music Explorers that after a long pause is back with a monumental new record of nearly 27 minutes.

Special thanks to all the bands for contributing to this compilation:
The Royal Freak Out Third Planet Lemurian Folk Songs Hoodoo Offenders Turn Signals Muddy Roots Deley Indeed Lucy Dreamin Head Music Explorers Ripe Foal

Vintage Overdrive vol. 2 Vintage Overdrive vol. 2

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