[Videotheque] No Fake Bone - Queen of the Game (live session)

NO FAKE BONE is a rock band from Greece that recently released their brand new EP 'The Silver Monkey' (read a few words here). A few days ago they also had a live session where they recorded a video while performing the song 'Queen of the Game' which is the opener of their 2017 debut album "Against all Odds".

They have already announced that a new EP will be coming out this autumn! So stay tuned...

Live Recording, Athens-Greece, June 2019.
Camera, Montage, Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Hugo Varvoglis.
Additional camera by Nikos Hatzievangelou.
No Fake Bone is:
Yioula Stathopoulou vocals, sax
Stam Deliyiannis   guitar
Dimitris Kyriazis bass
Fotis Filippatos drum

Welcome to my humble abode
I’ll show you a little bit more
It’s too hot for philosophy baby
Come closer, I’m not ready to fold

Have a sip, the night’s yours to drink
It will turn you right on
If you long to find infinity
Close your eyes and let go

Make your move, I’m queen of the game
Your wild protector, keep you safe
My ruby palace is for you alone
I am the riddle to be solved

I have a story to tell you boy
A tale of lust and deceit
Now is the time to stop pretending
Our music’s hard, don’t resist

There’s a feeling stuck in your head
You try to fight it… be my guest
One step away and you could lose it all
No time for romance, now you’re my pawn

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