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No Fake Bone The silver monkey
No Fake Bone were created back in 2014 by Stamatis Deligiannis (guitar) and Yioula Stathopoulou (vocals, saxophone) and in November 2017 they released their first album "Against All Odds".

Since then two more members joined band: Fotis Filippatos (drums) and Dimitris Kiriazis (bass) and right after those additions the band started making live appearances receiving some appraisal and very good critics. Their compositions draw inspiration from their first love: the blues, blending them with hard rock and funk influences. Their lyrics, esoteric and very descriptive, draw inspiration from the surrounding urban landscape, from love, hardship and tribulation

In September 2018 they released the sci-fi comic "The Silver Monkey" a self release designed by Stamatis and text written by Yioula, which is a narration of an alien invation, a monster that is sacrificed on the altar of love and survival. The project was completed with the themed-EP "The Silver Monkey" which concists of two songs, it is currently available in digital format and it will also be released in physical format after the end of summer 2019.

I don't know what the plans of the band for the future really are because the members seem to be occupied with several different activities, which is actually intriguing, but I really hope they continue what they're currently doing and keep pushing to achieve more. Their crossover style in music is probably going to sound quite appealing to a big variety of audience and what the band really needs right now is to reach to as many ears as possible ;-)


The Silver Monkey lyrics:
Night time in the valley
Τhe grass is growing wild
Some blood for your silence
Make sure you have a full tank
This oughta be fun
Until daylight comes

No more lights in the cities
She’s gonna tear you up
She’s creeping in the shadows
One kiss before we part
Bumping on doors
Now there’s no escape from her

Speeding over the valley
She’s coming after you
Spreading terror and darkness
No way you’ll make it through
Moaning alone
Now you know your time has come

Who knows where the night might take you
Dare to look outside your window
Who knows what the night might bring you
Dare to see her eyes just falling right on you

Attack of the silver monkey
Save yourself from that alien threat
Attack of the silver monkey
Running helpless, here she comes

Lose the Tail lyrics:
I woke up ‘n’ I was trapped
in a monstrous city made out of stone
Suffocating breathless and condemned,
them wretched souls were screaming for more
Saw myself a slave for pleasure,
bled my tears like a razor,
yeah now make me moan
Oh and I groaned like a demon,
I was being reborn

She called me from the depths,
I heard my monkey mistress, she was thrashing bones
How she said I’d have to lose my tail,
her dagger thrust in me was starting digging holes
Sliced my flesh and had me frozen,
deep inside my corpse is poisoned,
oh now carry me home
Blood-thirsty love,
yeah my evil motherfucker, don’t leave me alone

Brass and grass, her knife under the coral sky
Dark as sin, this nightmare, I’m next in line
Lose the tail, my torment, was it just a dream?
Lewd and nude, I beg you, yeah make me scream

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