[Videotheque] Stonerror - Tumbleweed

"Tumbleweed" is Stonerror's new song which will be included their upcoming album "Widow in Black" which is set for release on 22nd May 2019. Here you can listen to the song and watch the lyric video the Polish heavy rockers have made for it. Enjoy!
Video created by Jarosław Daniel

Also,  two more songs from their upcoming album are now available for you to listen on Stonerror's bandcamp page.
 Stonerror is:
Jarosław Daniel guitar
Łukasz Mazur guitar & vocals
Jacek Malczewski bass
Maciej Ołownia drums
hit me now, I know you wanna see me bleed
time to roll, we are but thorny tumbleweed
kiss me with your burning bite and painful sting
is that all you’ve got, ‘cause I don’t feel a thing

slash me deep, I know you’re hungry for my blood
tear your dress, and we’ll go brawling in the mud
choke me like a slavish puppet on a string
suck me dry, ‘cause I don’t wanna miss a thing

split the sky, take me high
on the sly, till we die

watch video in 720p on blogger:

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