[Suggestion] Liquidacid - Ethyl Heptanoate

Liquidacid - Ethyl Heptanoate
In chemistry "Ethyl heptanoate" is an organic chemical compound (ester) resulting from the condensation of heptanoic acid and ethanol and it is often used in the flavor industry because its smell is similar to grape's. In discography "Ethyl heptanoate" is the latest release by the Hungarian trio Liquidacid.
This is a 3-track and 52-minute long album and it actually is one hell of a tasty jam, and that's what this band is all about, or in the band's own words:
We don't do songs, we just transmit the ever playing ethereal groove. 
If you enjoy length jammy compositions in the likes of Tia Carrera, Earthless etc but in a more slow and trippy mood then this is your new favorite band. No need to babble more, you already know what this is all about... click play below and enjoy the ride.
Liquidacid is:
The house psychedelic jam band of Baby Gorilla Records
cSé drums
Bengó guitars
Perkins bass

- Artist: Liquidacid
- Release title: Ethyl Heptanoate
- Type of Release: digital release
- Band Origin: Budapest, Hungary
- Genre: jam heavy psych
- Release Date: 25 March 2019 

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