[Suggestion] Bone Rave - Four Elements

Bone Rave - Four Elements
four elements synopsis: Primitive rock'n'roll atmosphere, garage punk aesthetics, raw energy and a cover on Black Sabbath's Electric Funeral like you've never heard it before!

In other words:
Bone Rave, a half female - half male primitive rock 'n' roll quartet, was formed in 2017 in Thessaloniki - Greece.  Their own particular sound is influenced by all aspects of pure rock 'n' roll, garage and punk music, combined with the distinct beat of bongos, percussion and other primal sounds.

Their songs alternate between moody and aggressive melodies, duets and fuzzy solos, from slow haunting riffs to delirious dancing rhythms. Genuine and energetic.

Their lyrics and poetry, explore the obscure sexual and primal instincts, the taste of forbidden fruits awakening your inner wild child..

..Only destination for the lost souls is a one way road beyond those concrete walls..

During 2017 Bone Rave dedicated their time to writing and composing their songs. Their first, selftitled demo was out on September 2017. They also did a mini tour in Greece performing with other local and international bands such as The Meteors and the Demon’s Claws.
Some of their members have fronted underground bands from Thessaloniki since the late 90s, while other members were just preparing themselves to make Bone Rave an explosive recipe.
- Artist: Bone Rave
- Release title: Four Elements
- Type of Release: EP
- Band Origin: Thessaloniki, Greece
- Genre: garage punk, primitive r'n'r
- Release Date: 2 December 2018

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