[Videotheque] Hypnotic Nausea - Priest

Hypnotic Nausea recently announced that their second full album will soon be ready and will be released through Ikaros Records. "Priest" is a song from the upcoming concept album which will be titled "The Death of All Religions". Watch the video above and be on alert for the release.
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here is the press release info from the band:
Hypnotic Nausea posted their new track and video clip from their upcoming concept album “The Death of All Religions” with Jon Voyager on vocals. The video is created by Shinny Happy People.
The album will be released at the end of March by Ikaros Records and is produced by Hector D, George Ravaya and the band, in a special vinyl edition with a cover and a 24 page comic that reveals the story of the album. The artwork is created once more by the bands bass player, Gmonkey Cartoon.

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