[Suggestion] Vagina Lips - Generation Y

Vagina Lips - Generation Y
Jimmy Polioudis is a strange adult boy who lives in Thessaloniki and writes music under the name Vagina Lips. His basic peculiarity is that at a time when music has been devoured by lifestyle, he focuses on the essence of things, writing songs non stop and proving that “less is more” is essential for creating a good album.

His urgent need to share his music with the world is consistent with an era running at internet speeds and so he already has a fairly large discography of digital releases. From this point of view, "Generation Y" is his least impatient and his most well-crafted album so far.

"Generation Y" was recorded in the summer of 2018 and contains eight of the numerous songs he has written over the past two years. The album’s reference point is the artist’s generation (80-90s) with musical influences from indie bands such as Stereolab, Sonic Youth and Car Seat Headrest. Pop forms, analogue synthesizers and dark wave atmosphere blend uniquely with dark personal lyrics that besides their realism also reveal the black humor of Vagina Lips. The lost adolescence (Boy June) meets the fakeness of a “perfect life” (This Is A Good Life) and the ultimate love ballad (Destroy Me) joins forces with a dream pop escape (Like Fire) just before the ultimate loneliness (Skies Falling Down On Me). But that’s already too much information for a Vagina Lips album where songs speak better on their own.
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- Artist: Vagina Lips
- Release title: Generation Y
- Type of Release: full length, LP
- Band Origin: Thessaloniki, GREECE
- Genre: synthpop, shoegaze, alternative, post-punk, darkwave
- Release Date: 12 November 2018


additional info:
Recorded and mixed by Lostinthe & Vagina Lips
Mastered by Lostinthe

Cover photo by Panos Andreou
Cover design by Joey Tilt & Vagina Lips

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