[Quick Fixes] Last Rizla - Mount Machine

Last Rizla - Mount Machine
In geography "Mount Machine(待根山 Machine-yama, 43°29′12″N 141°42′58″E) is a mountain in the Japanese island Hokkaidō and is one of "The Three Mountains of Kabato".
In discography "Mount Machine" is the latest EP release by some filthy, hairy guys going by the name Last Rizla which came a month after the 4-way split EP "Jazz on Bones", a year after the KLS9532 single and 4 years after Seamen.

Follοwing the legacy that they created with "Seamen" and never trying to follow any trends or 'guaranteed recipes'  Last Rizla have created another quite monolithic release full of noise, distortion, torn vocals, repetitive patterns, experimental mood, sludge heaviness, and all this dipped into a dark, creepy, horror-movie atmosphere that reeks like a slaughterhouse.

The 'permanent' addition of Stavros (from Sadhus) as a vocalist in their latest releases (in Seamen they were an instrumental trio) definitely improved the volume and the 'presence' of the whole project although there may be a few people that would prefer them to stay an instrumental project. The band has made steps forward concerning the compositional part keeping at the same time their adventurous, experimental temperament increasing on the other hand the levels of heeaviness -vocals helped towards this direction.

The good thing about Last Rizla is that they aren't following any specific 'genre-guidelines', they aren't trying to be categorized anywhere although they are pretty close to post-metal and sludge they tend to embed a lot of other elements that do make them idiosyncratic and quirky... in a very good, interesting and of course noisy way and that's what makes them so appealing.

Last Rizla are giving me the impression of a band that if they continue to work the way they currently do they will be giving us some great releases in the future (and that is a fact for the whole 'smoking community') because they seem to be thinking quite 'out of the box' and without trying to prove anything to anyone. Still... we really need a full album release by Last Rizla and I wish that this will happen during 2019, although I doubt it :-p

'Mount Machine' comes in a limited edition (300pcs) of transparent 12'' vinyl / screen printed and available by Fuzz Ink. Records.
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Last Rizla - Mount Machine vinyl Last Rizla band photo

Press play below and enjoy the filth

additional info:
released November 8, 2018

Produced by Last Rizla and George Leodis.
Recorded, engineered and mixed by George Leodis at Wreck-It Sound Studios, Corinth, Greece, January 2018.
Assistant engineer Ramon aka Rambo.

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland, USA.

Artwork and layout by Last Rizla.
Handprinted by Fuzz Ink.

Last Rizla are G., C., K., S.

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