[Review] Sküma - Vol. [0]

Sküma - Vol. [0]
A year ago, around July (2017), Sküma sent us their first EP and we took the time to give it a listen and write a few things about it (review of the EP here). It was about time their first full album 'Vol. [0]' was released!

Sküma is a heavy rock band consisted of 5 young friends, who named their band after the drag 'substance' Skooma that appears in the game Oblivion/Skyrim; reference to that 'substance' is made on the s/t track that opens the album. The band was formed 2 years ago (2016) after a jam session in the rehearsal studio of the university.

Sküma themselves, state, among other things, that they are trying to create something 'out of the box' and in this first album I think they have in way, achieved it. By that I don't actually mean that the band created a masterpiece but at least they are trying to write and play music in their own particular way.

After listening the album it was pretty obvious where Sküma chose to orient their music. I'll have to totally disagree with the band's statement that they embed stoner & psychedelic elements in their music, especially the second one. Having several heavy riffs doesn't make you a stoner-band and a little atmosphere definitely doesn't make you psychedelic. Honestly, those two terms are being violated the last years for no obvious reason.
Sküma are clearly on the grunge / heavy rock route with a few 'injections' of metal here and there but also keeping a somehow 'mainstream' rock attitude (to be taken the good way) which makes them quite radio-friendly in several cases.

Vocal-wise it is much more clear that they have taken a grungy direction, and combined with some really extensive lyrics 'Mihalis' really gives great energy to the songs with his vocal abilities extending from balad-like to more aggressive style. He has slightly improved since their EP but I think there is more room for improvement from his side as he shows great potential.
The compositions seem very interesting although imho, there is some improvement needed on the way they flow in some points but I guess that is a technical matter which will be sorted out over time as the band continues to rehearse and the members will bond more solidly together.

The whole band shows potential and for a band of youngsters that have been together for only two years this is a very nice and promising start. There is definitely work required to build on that start but they've set pretty solid foundations.

It's a 'plus' for Sküma that they are trying to create something that stands out and while this isn't an easy task, at least they are trying, instead of following the current 'stoner trend' which only leads to countless small bands that are by 90% similar to each other.
You can listen to the album below and also get it from their bandcamp

 Sküma are:
Vocals Mihalis

Skuma band photo (Downtuned Magazine)

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