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Sküma - Sküma
Sküma is a 5-piece band from Heraklion, Crete [GR]. Recently they made a live recording session which is also their first ever release and it's available for free through their bandcamp page.
The live recording took place last April at Groove Studios and it was released on their bandcamp page on July 11.
The band was kind enough to introduce themselves to us and let us know about this release a few days after they made it public.
I hadn't heard anything from Sküma before this release and since this is their first ever release and also a live recording, I felt that it would be somehow 'inappropriate' to write a review about it. I thought that it would be better to wait for a full studio release which would reflect better their sound and it would be more representative of their style.

However, I can say some things about Sküma...
They play a mix of heavy rock and metal filled with riffs along with some nice clean guitar parts as well as some more fast rocking parts, with the bass being constantly distinctive in the mix. The vocals, mostly clean seem to be holding a great deal of the compositions' weight, balancing between grungy and classic heavy rock tones, sometimes more powerful sometimes more melodic. With some more work from the singer his vocals have the potential to be somehow the ID of the band.

Sküma band photoI have to say that I am very very glad that the band decided to stay away from any NOLA-styled riffs and vocals and generally that they avoided that 'DOWN plague' which is still around even in 2017 :-P

They seem to be walking their own path and I wish them the best for the future which lies in front of them as they are pretty young at age, and of course to release a full studio album as soon as they are ready for it.
We will be waiting \m/

by .sotos.

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