[Suggestion] Hundred Year Old Man - Breaching

Hundred Year Old Man - Breaching
Stifling atmosphere, massive and ferocious sound, immersed in a totally black & grey ambience, 'Breaching' takes you for a trip on a suffocating, post-apocalyptic scenery which once you give your full attention to it, becomes an addiction.
HYOM's debut will probably be among the darkest & heaviest releases you've listened for 2018.

Breaching is the debut album from Leeds-based, 6-piece, post-metallers Hundred Year Old Man.

Hot on the heels of recent EP Rei, Breaching emits the same heaving intensity and unforgiving, wall of sound approach. Dense and billowing riffs are intertwined with field recordings and spoken word passages to form an unyielding, sprawling piece of work that delivers the bands artistic vision perfectly. The more ambient, drone sections of the record compliment and allow the real songs to take flight. Debut single Black Fire is reworked to give the track a new lease of life, whilst the other heavy hitters here; The Forest, Long Wall, Disconnect and Ascension are a continuation of the excellent work found on the Rei EP.

Breaching contains masses of atmosphere and is a ferocious and immersive listening experience. An epic, monolithic voyage full of texture, depth, aggression and emotion. This is an album that should be approached as a whole, with patience and attention. The rewards will deliver a unique, crushing and quite simply superb record.

- Artist: Hundred Year Old Man
- Release title: Breaching
- Type of Release: debut LP
- Band Origin: Leeds, UK
- Genre: post metal, doom, drone
- Release Date: 27 April 2018

HYOM are:
Aaron Bateman
Paul Broughton
Steve Conway
Owen Pegg
Dan Rochester-Argyle
Tom Wright
more info:
Additional vocals by David Duxbury, Paul McClure, Ben Corkhill, Alex Creamer & Russel Macewan
Additional bass by Anthony Ferguson
Recorded and mixed by Tom Wright & Owen Pegg at New Craven Hall, Eiger Studios & City #1
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg
Artwork by Paul Broughton & Richard Knox
Original photography by Dean Scutt & Emma Kelly

Hundred Year Old Man band photo
Hundred Year Old Man band photo

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