[Videotheque] Lost Arcadia - The Road (demo)

Lost Arcadia is a fairly new heavy rock band from Athens, Greece that has recently given in public another sample of their music by uploading a video for their demo song "The Road". The video is consisted of clips from the movie Mad Max "Fury Road".
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Lyrics for 'The Road' are available at the bottom.
The "Pirate Ship" Lost Arcadia first appeared and formed its newfound crew on May 2017.
Their main purpose is to awaken the hypnotized people of planet Earth with powerful Intergalactic Doom music and the Dark Bass Matter of Lost Arcadia...  

Lost Arcadia are:
Alexandros Liamis guitar
Alkinoos Tsakakos drums
Dimitris Perrakis voicals
Paris Baroutidis bass
Panagiwths Bournous  guitar

'The Road'  lyrics:
Take me on the road, give me what i want.
Hear my empty words, feel my empty soul.
Night invades my fears, silence kills my screams.
Time is running out, Road is far too long.

Take me on the road, Stranger to the world.
No light to guide you through, No fear inside of you.
Years wasting away, A light that never came.
Broken future is all, that we only hold....

Dust is in my eyes
Light burns out my tears
Take me on the road
Give me what i want

Romance killed by thoughts, Dark as an empty Road.
Blood stained memories, Keep me off the grid.
Now take me of the road, I'm scared of what i saw.
Angels chose their side, The reaper closed my eyes.

Dust is in my eyes
Light burns out my tears
Take me on the road
Give me what i want

Lost Arcadia band photo

Lost Arcadia logo

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