[Videotheque] Vonavibe - Come Undone

Vonavibe - Come Undone
Vonavibe is a heavy rock band from Athens, Greece, formed in 2015. Watch the band's first official video for their single "Come Undone". Scroll below for the lyrics and more info about the band.


Just like you never pulled them out
all the knives that hold me down
Never were around
but always seemed to make a sound
Down below into my thoughts I crawl
the only place I know where nothing can go wrong
Just how I'm falling back from your laugh I know
Just like a heart attack full of cracks I will grow
 All alone I watch you pass me
In the dark you love me, out of sight
You thought I ‘d never fight, never cry
Always hide my dreams, as I will fall asleep
Someday I'll find my way, someday I'll fly away
Who am I to blame?
Who am I to know?
Who am I to say what is right or wrong?
Watch me as I fade into a place to you unknown
Where all your demons and your love will wait for you to come undone
Night is coming by
This is where I say goodbye
Laugh and feed your pride
when my pain is most alive
Down below nowhere your lights will show
Without a trace I'll go so you will never know
Vonavibe is a heavy rock band from Athens, Greece, formed in 2015.
The band is composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Dyon, bassist and backing vocalist Alexander Chelmis, and drummer George Adriane.

Vonavibe have won multiple awards and competitions such as 1st place at the Global Battle of the Bands contest as well as 1st place at the Battle of the Bands hosted by Panik Records in Greece thus landing their first major label deal. Only two months later the band came in again 1st at the "Road to DesertFest" band contest, held at Street Mode festival, earning a slot at the 2018 DesertFest festival in Berlin.

In October 2015 Vonavibe self - released the E.P., titled VOL. I, containing three original songs.

Three years later the band released their first official single "Come Undone" through Panik Records. The single was also the band’s first music video, directed by Yiannis Margetousakis, receiving great reviews by both press and audience.
Vonavibe are currently working on their debut album, which is scheduled for release in 2019.

Vonavibe come undone

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