[Suggestion] Craang - S H IN E

Craang - S H IN E
Four years after their previous very successful album "To the Estimated size of the Universe" Craang are finally back to SHINE! Although, they haven't been totally silent those 4 years as they made two more discographic appearances:
1. with their single 'Death to Ming' (2016) and
2. in the compilation The Sun The Moon The Mountain: A Passage Through Greek Psychedelia (by Archaeopia 2017) with the track "When in Ruins".

Following their own nonconforming patterns, Craang took many of their countless ideas and intertwined them to create a single work with a total duration of 45minutes divided into two tracks which are consisted of two titles/parts each. They even 'called forth' Stavros, the vocalist of the sludge beasts "Sadhus, the Smoking Community" which you can clearly hear scream in the background after the 7th minute of "Horizon - Tempest".

The listener needs to treat "S H IN E" with patience in order to be rewarded and that is not a flaw, it's a feature, an aspect of the band, which was also clear in their previous release and now it went to the next level. If you are a fan of long compositions and jam, psych, drone stuff then this is definitely for you! If you already know the previous works of Craang you are most likely going to enjoy this one as well. If you are a new listener then maybe their previous album would be a better introduction for you... Nevertheless, do not omit to click play below. Enjoy!

more info:
 - Artist: Craang
 - Release title: S H IN E
 - Type of Release: full album

 - Band Origin: GREECE, Thessaloniki 
 - Genre: jam, psych, drone, heavy rock

 - Release Date: 26 March 2018

S H IN E was recorded live at Redhouse Studio Thessaloniki in October 2017. Recorded and engineered by Emmanouil Hermano Tselepis. Artwork created by Theano Giannezi and Edited by Nick Drake.

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