[Quick Fixes] Named by the Sun - Deathcap (EP)

Named by the Sun - Deathcap (EP)
From the ashes of London's Landskap comes Named by the Sun. Blending blues attitude and heavy rock injected with a few doses of psychedelic mood the band's first recording is Deathcap, a 3-track instrumental EP featuring artwork by collage artist Dead Galaxy.

Having been following Landskap's steps from the beginning I was really sad when I read their disbanding announcement. On the other hand, "Named by the Sun" appeared out of the blue to soften the bad news, and from the moment I pressed play on that first track a big smile appeared on my face.
This is godamn tasty and groovy debut EP worthy of the band-members' past and "work experience" which imho can only guarantee that we're going to witness some very interesting releases in the near future.
I really want to wish those guys the best!

Named by the Sun announced that their debut EP 'Deathcap' will be released on April 27th, 2018 via Superhot Records. Deathcap will be available on all digital services and the band are currently taking pre-orders via their Bandcamp for downloads and limited edition CDs.

Hitting the jam room immediately after the break up of their previous band,
George Pan (Landskap, Father Sun) on guitar,
Pat Casey (Landskap, Damnas) on guitar and
Chris West (Landskap, Glanville) on bass
found a drummer in the form of Graham Brown (The Sound Movement).

During the transition Casey switched from drums to guitar and the addition of that second guitar has led to something of a theme to the EP; harmonies and solos, both of which feature heavily throughout the 3 tracks. Deathcap is far from just a guitar skills showcase though with songwriting, mood and structure as important as the more flashy elements. The tracks ebb and flow with heavier passages balanced by lighter movements.
listen below:

Named by the Sun are:
George Pan: Guitar
Pat Casey: Guitar
Chris West: Bass
Graham Brown: Drums

Named by the SunNamed by the Sun

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