[Videotheque] Cockblockers - Be My Valentine

This is the second official video by Cockblockers from Kalamata, Greece for their song "Be My Valentine" which was included in their s/t debut. Their first official video for the song "Enemies" is also available on Downtuned Magazine, check here.
Lyrics are available at the bottom of this post.
video credits:
Camera: Georgina Staikou
Male Actor: Harry Chris Stamatopoulos
Female Actor: Maria Georganta

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Just let me hold your hand, or not
it doesn’t make a difference to me
I still follow you, around town
you turn around, you see me standing by the newsstand
hey baby, have you heard the news?
it’s me and you
I’d love to staple you to the wall
you left me out and I can’t stand this separation
be my valentine and squeeze my love machine (x2)
I know, you’re kind and all, you try to treat me right
guess what? I’ll put up no fight
you’ll see a different kind of me
sleep long enough to break you
oh I won't wake you
guess it’s true, I follow through
I have a plan, you just won’t stand
these people judge, they care enough?
yeah, you’re not mine I know, who cares?
be my valentine, and squeeze my love machine (x2)...

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