[Videotheque] Birthday Kicks - Rid of It

Birthday Kicks gave into publicity through their official youtube channel, a brand new video for their previously unreleased song "Rid of It". Watch it below and scroll to the bottom for some more info about the video.
It's been almost two years since their debut album "Black Echo Trap" and we all hope that this video is signaling that the band is back in track for releasing something new soon.

more info:
Written and performed by Birthday Kicks
Lyrics by Jeroen Langstraat
Recorded by Emmanouil Hermano Tselepis in June 2016 at Ntoulas Sound Studios in Larissa/Greece
Mixed and mastered by Emmanouil Hermano Tselepis
Produced by Birthday Kicks
Video editing: Dimitris Vallas

Scenes taken from the movie "Convoy" (1978) by Sam Peckinpah (published by EMI Films)

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