[Suggestion] Lower Cut - Ocean

Lower Cut - Ocean

Several days ago Lower Cut released their 2nd full album (digitally) and announced that this will be their last one as they desided to disband.
Almost a year ago, the've also given in public an official video for the single "Ocean" which is also the opener for the album. The video was shot in the roads of Athens, having a somehow grey, urban atmosphere. Watch it here.
the band's message:
"Ocean" is not only the sophomore album of Greece's alternative/shoegaze band Lower Cut but also their final destination, as it marks the band's ultimate hiatus. Their music continues to explore the path that British 90's scene introduced, albeit with a slight more harsh twist sound-wise.
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Lower Cut have just released their sophomore album "Ocean" and are also announcing that the band is going on permanent hiatus, after having released 2 EPs and a full album (“Off my Head”, 2014, Puzzlemusik).
Sometimes, no matter how much you desire to go on, it is better to leave things take their natural course. Lower Cut were active for as long as it was possible and now that several reasons made that unfeasible the desided to stop. The member of the band will always carry inside them the feelings that their musical collaboration offered them.

"Ocean" is the 2nd full album of the band and it surely is their most complete work. Darker and yet more trenchant than their debut, but still on the same path, it blends the quitaristic alternative attitude with new wave and indie rock.

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- Band: Lower Cut
- Release title: Ocean
- Type of Release: 2nd full album, digital release
- Band Origin: GREECE, Athens
- Genre: alternative, shoegaze, dream-pop
- Release Date: 27 September 2017
additional info:
Album Recorded in Artracks Studios.
Production by Alex Bolpasis.
Mastering by: Giannis Hristodoulatos @ Sweetspot Studios
Released in digital format only by Puzzlemusik
Artwork by Semitone.labs

Lower Cut will always be:
Irene Argiri Vocals
Alexandros Darmis keyboards
Vagelis Stavroulakis guitar
Vasilis Baldos drums
Yiannis Efthimiou bass
Panos Gounas guitar, vocals

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