[Quick Fixes] ZEBU & DEAD ELEPHANT (7''split)

ZEBU & Dead Elephant (7'' split vinyl)
A few days ago, ZEBU along with DEAD ELEPHANT released the 7'' split vinyl "Crawl / Eat Them Dead Or Alive", one track per band, one track per side.
This is a collaboration of two heavy bands belonging to the deepest of the Greek Underground scene and specifically in the D.I.Y scene.

ZEBU are contributing to this split with their track "Crawl", a track in the same noisy, groovy style with which they introduced themselves with their debut EP "At the Delta of venus" in 2015. Balancing between groove metal, sludge and heavy rock, embedding southern metal elements without rehashing the same NOLA references as many bands do they manage to create a pretty distinctive style that distinguishes them among the bands of this genre.

DEAD ELEPHANT on the other hand, with their track "Eat them Dead or Alive" are presenting a slightly evolved sound compared to the one we tasted in their debut release in 2016. I believe that that the title of their debut album "Heavy, Huge and Rotten" perfectly describes the sound of Dead Elephant in general. We're talking about a massive doom-sludge 'product' manifested through slow, heavy riffage, harsh vocals straight out of the abyss spitting out dreadful lyrics that match with the whole atmosphere. Compared to the sound of the debut album I could spot a slightly 'refined' sound (in a good way) and and approach that reminded me the style of Agnes Vein, concerning both the vocals and the music.
A must-listen split for the lovers of the heavy and extreme sound, and especially doomsters and sludge fans. The vinyl is available for you to purchase through the bands' bandcamp pages (check below).

*** Special credits to Mike from Putrefurnaced Guerrilla Sketches for the amazing artwork! ***

ZEBU & DEAD ELEPHANT (7''split) artwork by Putrefurnaced Guerrilla Sketches ZEBU & DEAD ELEPHANT (7''split) artwork by Putrefurnaced Guerrilla Sketches ZEBU & DEAD ELEPHANT (7''split) artwork by Putrefurnaced Guerrilla Sketches

** Info about 'Crawl':
Drums recorded at Gonzø Blåque Studio, Athens
Guitars recorded at D Studio, Nea Ionia
Bass & vocals recorded at The Slow Animals Studio, Patras
Produced, mixed & mastered by John Slacker at The Slow Animals Studio
Zebu is: Kostas: Vocals | John ‘Isobitis’: Guitars | Alex: Bass | Nicholas: Drums

** Info about 'Eat Them Dead Or Alive':
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Manos at U217 Studios.
Produced by Dead Elephant and Manos.
Dead Elephant is: a dead elephant 

"Both bands would like to express their gratitude to Mike Putrefurnaced Guerrilla Sketches for his great inks and Ypoga K94 for all the great experiences and support . Our appreciation also goes to everyone who supports and participates in the D.I.Y. scene."

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