[News] GODSLEEP searching for a new singer

GODSLEEP in search of a new singer
In July, Godsleep announced the departure from the band of their singer 'Kostas Panagiotou'.

Almost three months have passed since that day and just yesterday (22/10) the band made a new announcement through their official facebook page that they are in search of a new singer.

Here is the band's exact announcement:

So people, as far as you know our former singer Kostas has left the band, and for the very first time we are asking for your help. There's some empty space in the photo (below) and we hope that one of you might want to fill it and be a part of our band as a singer. There are not specific requirements, there is no matter what is your ethnicity, sex, colour or your language. So, if you find your self willing for a try don't hesitate to get in touch with us on our FB page or contact us via e-mail.

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