[Suggestion] Tuber - Out of the Blue

Tuber - Out of the Blue
Four years after their first full album, Tuber came back with another great release. 'Out of the Blue' is basically a guitaristic album where the band also chose to make a more extended use of synths, and those two facts are the main reasons that gave a different feeling to this album compared to the aesthetics of their debut.
Tuber keep going their own way and they have since their beginning. Post rock? Psychedelic rock? Desert rock? Instrumental rock? They have always done it away from already set recipes, and in their second full album they are showing that this is the way they will keep doing it.
 - Band: Tuber

 - Release title: Out of the Blue

 - Type of Release: full album

 - Band Origin: GREECE, Serres

 - Genre: instrumental, heavy rock, desert rock

 - Release Date: 31 May 2017  

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