Greek Underground releases for 2015

Under normal circumstances I would have the time to write a few words for every release that I've listened and liked during the year that passed. Since there is not enough time for me to do that I just gathered some of the releases, out of the Greek Underground Scene.
I added a small tag next to each band that describes in a very general way the music style of each one. This list is not a "best of" list. There may be many nice releases that are not included here, but this only means that I didn't have the time to listen to it and nothing else (or maybe I forgot it).  ;-)  The list is sorted alphabeticaly. There is a link for every release in case you are interested.

1 adolf plays the jazz - Tinder post rock
2 Afformance - Through Walls post rock
3 Alien Mustangs - The Tape Sessions psych garage
4 Arrakis - Ammu Dia heavy rock, psych, jam
5 Beggars - Devil's Highway heavy rock
6 Black Hat Bones - High Gain Devil Rockers rock, heavy rock
7 Bonze's Fuel - Volume 2 heavy rock
8 Breath After Coma - Breath After Coma alternative, grunge, groove
9 Cellar Dogs - Jackhammer heavy rock
10 Contra Limit - Between Hay and Grass heavy rock
11 Creshna - The Fallout post rock-metal
12 Cyanna Mercury - Dirty Things EP psychedelic rock, blues, acoustic
13 Fuel Eater - Centralia heavy rock, desert rock
14 Godsleep - Thousand Sons Of Sleep heavy rock
15 Gomgoma - (Medicine Apophthegms EP + Civilized Punks EP) sludge
16 Heavier than God - The Self titled Album heavy, sludge, doom 
17 Heritage - Law heavy rock, metal
18 Kalpa - Sequences* sludge, post metal
19 Kemerov - Kemerov EP death 'n' roll
20 Kooba Tercu - Kooba Tercu noise rock, experimental, psych
21 Lazy Aftershow - The Legacy Of Automobiles post-punk, desert-psych, kraut
22 Ludmila - Sudden alternative rock
23 Lunar Mgc (Lunar Mgc EP + Truth EP) psychedelic heavy rock
24 Million Hollers - Once upon a whiskey EP blues 'n' roll
25 Mitič Threesome - the sparkling arcane network that impairs and degenerates aptitude post punk, rock
26 Mock the Mankind - Ruination instrumental doom
27 Morphine Social Club - Radioactive heavy rock, garage
28 Narcosis - Road To Infinity heavy rock
29 Naxatras - Naxatras psychedelic, 70s vintage
30 Night Knight - God is a motherfucker soft rock, classic rock
31 Omega Monolith - Vile EP experimental doom
32 Out Of The Earth - Out of the Earth heavy rock
33 Phase Reverse - Phase III southern metal
34 Potergeist - Crocodile Tears heavy rock, metal
35 Profound Sleep - Keep it Alive heavy rock, grunge, metal
36 Screaming dEAD Balloons - Banana Blue EP Garage
37 Sons of Hogs - ΜΗΔΕΝ EP rock 'n' roll, sludge
38 Spacement - Ascend To Freedom EP doom
39 Stonebringer - Those Winds metal, progressive
40 The Fog Ensemble - The Fog Ensemble alternative, showgaze
41 The Mighty N - Songs for the X generation alternative
42 The Road Miles - Gold and Shadows alternative, psych, dark blues
43 Thee Holy Strangers - Thee Holy Strangers americana,blues, "kozmic swamp"
44 - Earths collide post rock
45 Zebu - At The Delta Of Venus EP southern metal
46 Λάμδα - Η Επόμενη Μέρα post-rock, alternative, traditional

 by .sotos.

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