[Review] The Progerians - The Fabulous Progerians

The Fabulous Progerians
Being in a slightly different style compared to what you will usually find in Downtuned's reviews, the debut by the Belgians "The Progerians" deserves the attention of anyone 'addicted' to the heavy sound.

The trio from Belgium has already been around for six years and after a series of EP releases they are here this time with their debut "The Fabulous Progerians".
Consisted of eleven tracks and having a total duration of 44 minutes this debut is an open-minded coctail of sludge, hardcore, punk and garage elements.
The album is full of ideas and while it is distinguished for its speed it also has slower, sludge moments without lacking in melody and constantly preserving a nice groove in its whole length. Without exaggerations and withouth tiring the listener The Progerians unfold their experimental temperament reaching even the point of using wind instruments (Collapse, The Earth is Flat) which is somehow unexpected but produces a quite tasty result.
I guess that until now you must have guessed that I really liked this one :-) So, if I haven't convinced you until now let the band itself convince you.

Without further chatter, you should listen to this album, which I believe is absolutely worth it because you will definitely find something you like in there, regardless of the musical genre you belong to.

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