[Quick Fixes] Mount Hush - Low and Behold! EP

Mount Hush - Low and Behold! EP
A few days ago we were happy to find this all-fresh, brand new EP release by a band called Mount Hush. They prefered not to share their country of origin and despite the fact that they actually told us where they come from we will respect their request not to mention it in public.

"Low and Behold!" is their first release (not counting the single 'King Beyond' which was released earlier this month) and guess what...? It is one motherfucking tasty EP!

Consisted of 4 songs with a duration of 23minutes in total it kind of has everything that a listener could ask: a fast heavy rocking starter song (The Spell), a groovy and bluesy rocking one (King Beyond) which sets the right mood for the ballad that follows (The Day She Stole the Sun), the second part of which is quite groovy and uplifting, and an atmospheric, accoustic one (Levitations) for closing this great EP!

There is no need to babble more... I guess I've already convinced you to press play below... ;-)

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