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Cosmic Plunge
We had a little chat with Cosmic Plunge. Read the interview and get to know them better!

Welcome to DT. Tell us a few words about the group, when and where did you get started?How did you meet?
Hello there! We have all been friends for many years and in May 2010 we decided to start a band since we share a common love for music. 

Which are your musical influences?

Our music is mostly influenced by the doom, 70’s rock, heavy rock scene. 

What are your lyrics about? What catches your interest?

Generally we like to use opposite notions in our lyrics such as death and life, love and hate, mirth and sorrow, faith and disbelief combined in stories of mythical content and characters.

Is the communication with the crowd something that you care about, in all levels, or do you do music for yourselves?
Mainly we create music to express ourselves, besides that anyone who likes it motivates us to continue… 

Do you feel like you’re a part of a particular “scene” in which you would like to join and contribute or you are indifferent about it?

Cosmic Plunge are one of the active bands of the Cretan scene, which is rather active and expanding rapidly, comparing to previous years after a lot of effort. 

How do you imagine that the band will be in ten years from now?

“Long hair, faggot clothes, drugs, sex, every sort of filth” and still hating the police.And we won’t take it easy. 

Which famous artist you would like to do a guest to a record of yours and why?

We haven’t thought of that because wouldn’t like to cooperate with a famous artist just to bring more attention to the recording. We would gladly do that with an artist, famous or not, that shares the same musical taste with us and his contribution would give a completely different element to our music, but not affecting the band’s original sound. 

What plans do you have for the near future?

Promoting our debut album, called “Wanderers on the face of the earth”, that is to be released by the end of November, playing as many live shows as we can, meanwhile preparing our new material. 

We wish you good luck to whatever you’re doing, the epilogue is yours.

Our music is for those who insist on acknowledging the essence of music as expression. Thank you! Cheers!

by Kavaldi

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