[Review] Purple Dino - Demosaurus

PURPLE DINO - Demosaurus (2013)(This review should have been published 9 months ago, since this demo was released in May 2013. All of the below were written back then and they are published now with some small additions-updates.)
These four guys from Greece share some common “good addictions”. Among others: rock, heavy music, groovy tunes, good alcohol and the “fuzz” are these addictions that brought them together to play the music they love.

This is their first demo release titled “Demosaurus” and it can be downloaded for free from bandcamp. This 3-track demo was recorded in two weeks time by themselves, in the guitarist’s home, with no professional equipment and with a borrowed microphone (DIY at its best). Taking all these into consideration the result is a very decent recording both for music and vocals. Immediately after the tracks were released in bandcamp they kept working to remaster and perfect those tracks so that they were able to have a decent audio CD soon on their hands. So the CD was ready until the time they participated in the “Fuzztastic Planet Festival” in August 2013. Although, in my opinion they shouldn't have rushed so much to release this demo, but I think they really wanted to have it ready before the Fuzztastic Planet Festival.

Before the release of this demo I’ve seen Purple Dino performing live once, (it was the day that they decided to change the band’s name to “Purple Dino”) and it was obvious that their music style is a heavy rock mix with groovy, bluesy, 'alcofueled' tunes capable of making you bang your head to the rhythm. 

The demo’s first track “Baby Burn me Down” with a duration of almost 8 minutes makes it clear that these guys are confident enough to compose tracks that long without being afraid of boring the listener. Instead they keep a surprise for you at the end of the track. My personal favorite though is the second one titled “Truck” and this is not only because of the groovy tunes that lurk in there but because of the lyrics too. The demo concludes with the confessions of “Today”, which ends in a bit faster tempo still keeping its groovy aura that is present from the beginning.

Purple DinoOne of the first things that got my attention during the first times I was listening the demo is the clean-guitar sections which honestly give a very nice feeling to the tracks creating a nice “Purple Dinosphere”  ;-)

In conclusion, Purple Dino’s first demo release attempt is more than a decent attempt and raises expectations for the future. And since these guys are continuing to work on new tracks there’s gonna be fresh stuff ready for a new release soon. The sure thing is that they also need to work a lot more on their sound and their production so that they improve their surely groovy, bluesy, heavy rock attitude.

Purple Dino, Fuzztastic Planet Festival 2013
Until then they are constantly trying to participate in as many gigs as they can and since now they’ve shared the stage with name like: Nightstalker, Universe217, This is Nowhere, 45RATS, Tuber, Lunarmare, Craang and they keep on going….
Give this demo a chance and stay downTUNED for their new release ;-)

by Sotos
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