[Review] Cube - Cube

Cube - Cube
And since I started with posts related to Greek underground, take another one... This time Cube's self-titled album. Cube's members are behind Spinalonga Records and they're involved also to several bands and projects. Cube's album reminds me a lot The Dive's case. Besides the fact it took almost ten years for both of them to release a full album, one of the basic reasons is their musical direction. Both bands follow paths, either forgotten nowadays or so much distorted where you barely can spot any resemblance between them and their roots. 

To be more precise Cube brings me memories from when I was a kid back in the 90's when I was hanging out with my older cousin who listened a bunch of music. Cool music... Bands I didn't know a single thing about them nor their music but they were always making my day better.

I saw Cube being categorized as progressive. Fuck this shit. There is nothing progressive here. This is pure alternative heavy rock. Mixing your roots with other kinds and/or making it sound fresh and in Cube's case having an identity doesn't make it progressive; but passionate, energetic and heartwarming music, composed and performed by a bunch of talented guys.

I could write a lot of things about this album. Like how awesome tunes it has or how the album really breathes. However I'm not going to do it. And no, I'm not unfair to the band. For me the most important thing with Cube's debut is that it manages to wake up the kid's enthusiasm inside me. When I had a couple of mixtapes and although I didn't know what whey were all about, it was like a whole new world being revealed to me each and every time I was listening to them. Some times honest, straight-forward music hits you right in your vestal,"childish" part of your soul. Cube have hit this soft spot. And that's more than enough to me...

by Thanos

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