[Quick Fixes] Cancer Bats - Bat Sabbath-Bastards Of Reality EP

Cancer Bats - Bat Sabbath-Bastards Of Reality EP

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Cancer Bats. They're a Canadian mainly punkish hardcore band with a lick of southern rock. Anyway these guys released an EP covering 5 Black Sabbath songs.

I found their covers really zestful since Sabbath is barely an influence to their musical approach but nevertheless they show their love and respect to them by well-performing these classic tunes by injecting a punk/hardcore attitude.
Definitely far more interesting by another doom/stoner-you name it- cover...

 Year: 2013
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
01. Children Of The Grave
02. Into The Void
03. Iron Man
04. N.I.B.
05. War Pigs

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by Thanos

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