Some news and updates...

Ladies and gents,

I have some updates/ideas related to the webzine and the radio of course. So I decided to write them down in a post for anyone who might be interested. Let's start...

First of all, I'm trying to organize a raffle. I started recently to come in touch with a lot of bands which might be interested to donate something of their merch and fortunately the response is really great.
All the money gathered from it, will be donated as a hand of help to something/someone/somewhere out there (more info about it soon, once the whole thing is confirmed). So I make a call to any bands/labels/artists who want to contribute to come in touch with me via our contact form or our facebook page for more info.

Secondly, I'm working on putting out some merch, creating some flyers and other stuff. So I'm searching for artists/designers for a kind of permanent cooperation to work these stuff together. Anyone interested/having any ideas... you know the deal just come in touch.

And last but not least since Downtuned Radio will expand from the next week by adding one more show in its schedule, just a reminder... If any of you is interested in taking up a show, here we are to welcome him/her in our gang. Language and country should not be a problem. We're embracing everyone! Also just in case anyone wants to write some reviews for us or make some interviews, here we are once again. It's a good chance to listen to new materials from bands first or meet some of them... so why not?

That's for now folks. If you're interested, contact us. If you know someone who would be interested in any of the above mentioned, feel free to share it. If neither of both happens, it's ok. We still love you. 

Stay Downtuned!

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