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Mothership... In the last couple of weeks I've heard and read a lot of good things about these guys from Texas. Then I checked their video for "City Nights". Video was cool and the music was great for party. But I must confess I wasn't impressed. Ok the music was enjoyable, lyrics was fun and generally was a cool "partner" for beer-drinking. Few days ago I put their album in my portable player so I can listen to it at work...

When the opening track "Hallucination" kicked in, I checked if another album was playing. But no... it was fucking Mothership!! Really it's one of the best opening tracks ever. Ever. I was surprised and of course curious of what is coming up next.

And believe me, I wasn't even a bit disappointed. The whole album has a great flow, first class dynamics and a lot of energy. I mean a lot. It's kicking you, banging your head on the wall, smashing your teeth, punching you in the nuts again and again. 

Their compositions are as compact as it gets and the sound thick and huge. The biggest advantage for these guys is that their music fits perfect in a beer 'n' beard party and at the same time is so bloody serious. It surely is based on Sabbath's legacy, it definitely is injected with a bunch of 70's hard rock shots, it certainly has an underlying layer of prog as well as a pinch of good old heavy metal just to give some more taste. But man this "smells" Mothership from miles away.

"Cosmic Rain", "Angel Of Death", "Elenin", "Lunar Master"... Hard rock in its purest form, full of monstrously heavy riffs, throbbing bass lines, mammoth sound and hundreds of moments to bang your head on the table. Another thing that I really appreciated is that they don't sound pretentious even for a second. They play with the heart, they play as they please and giving a smile of joy, first to themselves and then to guys like me. Overall "Mothership" is an outstanding, infectious release full of fantastic dynamic shifts and equally fantastic riffs and you better check it the soonest. Excellent!

by Thanos

01. Hallucination
02. Cosmic Rain
03. City Nights
04. Angel Of Death
05. Win Or Lose
06. Elenin
07. Eagle Soars
08. Lunar Master

Physical Needs: Ripple Music

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