Pray For Rock: Top Picks 2012

Pray For Rock: Top Picks 2012
2012 comes to its end and since Downtuned crew has become bigger this year I decided to ask from all of them to write down their top-10 releases of 2012.

So we're starting with Pray For Rock's picks for this year...
As expected Victor couldn't choose only 10 but you have to like your friends as they are...

He also made a downloadable mix with selected tracks from his favorite releases so that we forgive him... 

So check Victor's picklist below and give it a listen:

01. Sons Of Otis - Cosmic Jam (from Seismic)
02. Saint Vitus – Blessed Night (from Lillie: F-65)
03. Alberta Cross – Crate Of Gold (from Songs Of Patience)
04. Het Droste Effect – Granada (from Lingerland)
05. Black Cowgirl – Solarizer (from Black Cowgirl)
06. Baroness – Green Theme (from Yellow & Green)
07. Black Market Karma – Violet (from Cocoon)
08. Royal Thunder – No Good (from CVI)
09. Mammoth Mammoth – Bare Bones (from Hell's Likely)
10. Routes – A Million Pills (from Land Of Holy Dope)
11. Kadavar – All our Thoughts (from Kadavar)
12. Mark Lanegan Band – Riot In My House (from Blues Funeral)
13. Goddess – Voodoo Blues (from Discovery)
14. Le Scimmie – Habanero (from Dromomania)
15. Hogg – Embrace Distruction (from .)
16. Snailking – Samsara (from Samsara)
17. Red Desert – Slow Kill (from Damned By Fate)
18. Cowboys & Aliens – In My Time (from Sandpaper Blues Knockout)
19. Captain Crismon – Wizard's Bonnet (from Dancing Madly Backwards)
20. Dryasdust – Cold Sweat (from Demo EP)
21. Von Thundersvolt – TFBUNDY (from Von Thundersvolt)
22. Radar Men From The Moon – Atomic Mother (from Echo Forever)
23. OM – State Of Non-Return (from Advaitic Songs)
24. Lucid Dream – Hits me Like I'm Stoned (from Hits me Like I'm Stoned 7")
25. A Place To Bury Strangers – Alone (from Worship)
26. Torche – In Pieces (from Harmonicraft)
27. Dala Sun – Gegenschein (from Gegenschein)
28. Nightstalker – BoogieMan Plan (from Dead Rock Commandos)
29. Shebrew – Year Of Blood (from Provenance EP)
30. Stubb – Road (from Stubb)
31. Yama – Seaquake (from Seaquake EP)
32. Your Highness – Low Country Exiles (from Blue Devils EP)

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