[The 60's-70's Vault] The Damnation Of Adam Blessing

The Damnation Of Adam Blessing
The Damnation Of Adam Blessing were mainly a psychedelic rock band coming from Cleveland that never got the attention they deserved. The name was taken after a book of Vin Packer of the same name written in 1961.
The band was formed in 1968 with Adam Blessing (real name Bill Constable) on lead vocals, Jim Quinn on rhythm guitars, Bob Kalamasz on lead guitars, Ray Benick on bass and Bill Schwark on drums. Bob, Ray and Bill were playing before in a garage band called Dust (not the known one) while Adam and Jim were together in an unknown band.

The Damnation Of Adam Blessing
After a contract with United Artists in 1969, they released their self titled album the same year. The album was full of vocal melodies and beautiful guitars filling their mid-paced songs. I really like the bass and the drum sound on this one! Also, some jazz influences are thrown here especially in the guitar licks. Some songs that are particularly very good are the psych one "Le Voyage", the beautiful ballad "Lonely" and the blues rock "Last Train To Clarksville" which reminds me a bit of the great Grand Funk Railroad.

The Damnation Of Adam Blessing
After changing the name to Damnation, the band recorded their second album called "The Second Damnation" in 1970. The sound became a little heavier maybe lacking part of the atmosphere the first album had. More hard rock oriented with Constable's vocals a little high in the mix, this one was more consistent and tight than their first and it is my personal favourite. Songs like the heavy psych Driver and In The Morning, the beautiful slow paced Everyone and the pure psych Money Tree were perfect examples of the band's great form.

The Damnation Of Adam Blessing
A year later, Damnation recorded "Which Is The Justice, Which Is The Thief" and it was a step forward due to the band's decision to add violin and more acoustic parts to their songs. Drummer Bill Schwark was replaced by Adam's brother Ken Constable. Fans were dissapointed because of the change in the sound direction "accusing" the band for commercialism! A huge mistake in my humble opinion because many of the songs included here are very good and well played. Indeed, the sound was softer and maybe mainstream but i don't think the songs were intended for radio play! Just listen to "Fingers On A Windmill", "Running Away" and "Sweet Dream Lady" and you'll find out the band's inspiration at the time.

The Damnation Of Adam Blessing glory

In 1973, the band changed their name once again to Glory releasing an album simply called Glory and shortly after this they dissapeared from the scene. In 2000, Damnation of Adam Blessing reunited and performed in front of fans at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum in their hometown Cleveland. The band should be memorised for Bill Constable's great vocals, beautiful and smart guitar playing and well constructed songs that maybe were ahead of their time.

Written by Pijo

Listen to some samples of their sound below:

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