[Review] Wight - Through The Woods Into Deep Water

A year after the release of their debut album and few months after their split with Stone Axe, the German heavy trio are back with their second album "Through The Woods Into Deep Water". Having their roots in stoner rock, this time Wight take a deeper dive into doom leaving their psych elements a step behind for a more traditional heavy rock orientation. 
"Through The Woods Into Deep Water" is a mature, vibrant album which keeps getting better every time I listen to it. It grows inside you with every new listening, making you coming back again and again...

"Kiss Your Friends Goodbye" is one of the best examples of the doom injection I wrote above. A simple, repetitive track building slowly an amazing gloomy atmosphere. In "I Split On Your Grave" you can find some of the best obsessive riffs for this year but it's in the last minute where the song really takes off.

"Southern Comfort & Northern Lights" and "Master Of Nuggets" are the two tracks where you can find the heavy blues-jam feeling (and also the longest ones), we all love. The addition of sax in "Southern Comfort & Northern Lights" blended with some keys and the monolithic guitar-drums combo, makes it one of my favorites. In "You!" you can feel the Saint Vitus' smoke filling your lungs and the bloody guitar reaping your soul. An amazing song if you ask me, having a lot of changes in it which makes it even more interesting. "On A Friday" is quite an uptempo tune but it has a dark feeling in it which is partly a result of the haunting vocals. The same titled track that closes the album, is an instrumental one which slowly builds up a quite intense atmosphere where each note played by the guitar being transformed to a different emotion.

Once again Wight delivered a really good album. Some of you may be disappointed for the more doom side this album has but believe me when I'm saying that if you give it a chance, "Through The Woods Into Deep Water" is probably going to be in your "best of" list for this year.

Written by Thanos

01. Kiss Your Friends Goodbye 
02. I Spit On Your Grave 
03. Southern Comfort & Nothern Lights 
04. Halfway To Infinity
05. Master Of Nuggets 
06. You!
07. Big Dose 
08. On A Friday 
09. Through The Woods Into Deep Water 

You can download "Through The Woods Into Deep Water" by paying anything you want from their bandcamp.
For physical needs (cd/double vinyl): here or here 

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