[Review] Superchief - Corporate Dynamite

Imagine yourself sitting in a bar with a few of your best mates, drinking some beers accompanied by a lot of shots and having a good time... Ideally some fight will come up, just to make your blood boil and help you keep up the hard work of beer-drinking. Of course for times like these, you need the appropriate soundtrack. Fortunately, Des Moines' Superchief has the right solution for your problem. It's called "Corporate Dynamite"and it's their first full album, a 10-track first class alcohol fueled fest.

If bands like Alabama Thunderpussy and Sixty Watt Shaman  are in your favorites' list then this album is for you. When a band start their album with their longest track then a bonus point is added right away. And while most of the times I found it quite boring to listen songs of this kind having such a long duration, "Fear No Shield" is an exception. Divided in two acts, it brings pleasure right on the table.

I mostly enjoyed "Odin Be Praised", and the same titled "Corporate Dynamite" (which brings me in mind a lot of Orange Goblin). Both of them have an appeal I hardly can resist of. In "They Call Me Nomad", the usage of cymbals is remarkable as well as the funky-cranky bass lines. It has some wicked guitar work too. "Sweat" has probably the greatest guitar moments of "Corporate Dynamite". And I'm not talking only about the cool solo but also how the two guitars work together as one huge bulldozer. "The Story Of King Killer" is -along with "Corporate Dynamite"- one of the catchiest tunes here, having everything a rock fan wishes for. 

I really enjoyed Superchief's album and believe me, I'm not the easiest and most convenient guy when it comes to the kind of music Superchief are playing. I rarely listen a whole album and enjoyed it from the beginning 'til end. But "Corporate Dynamite" managed to catch exclusively my attention. Guitars deliver, the bass is pumping, drums serve their most potent brew and vocals work like a charm. The production is reflecting album's essence by not being over polished and giving a great dynamic to the songs. If you seek a big fat riff monster with a heavy strong sound to accompany your alcohol drinking recreational moments then "Corporate Dynamite" will fulfill your needs!

by Thanos
Thanks to Jeremiah from Brolester Records for sending me a copy of Superchief's album

01. Fear No Shield
02. Odin Be Praised
03. Shovel In The Basement
04. Corporate Dynamite
05. They Call Me Nomad
06. Sweat
07. The Story Of The King Killer
08. The Plan
09. Saint Bukowski
10. Destiny's Child

For physical needs: Brolester Records

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