[Quick Fixes] Hibagọn - Hibagọn VS Monsters Spewed From Time’s Stomach To Clutch The Universe In A Mortal Slime

Year: 2011
Hometown: Bergamo, Italy
01. Pirates Of The Red Dune
02. Zombies From Outer Space
03. The Great White Two-Headed Bear
04. Trolls In Smoking
05. Krakatoa
06. Silent Assault Of The Killer Diplodocus
07. Voodoo Akasha
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When I come across bands lacking of bass, I become sceptic right away because I love the concrete sound that bass gives. But there are times like in Hibagọn's case when guitar and drums are enough. This Italian duo know how to counterbalance bass' absence by creating an outstanding powerful and solid sound using their guitar and drums. Their EP has a shitload of heavy moments with earth-shaking riffery and frenzy pumping drums. Even in their funky moments like these in "Trolls In Smoking" or the more hard rock oriented in "Krakatoa", these guys don't loose their massive, amped-up sound. I tell you, this is one of the best instrumental high fueled heaviness, I've heard for a long time now. And guess what... It's fucking free for download from their bandcamp

by Thanos

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