[Review] Mighty High - Legalize Tre Bags

Mighty High - Legalize Tre Bags
I've never imagined that anyone could make so many weed references in 34 minutes. If someone decided to play the well-known Manowar-game with these guys (I'm feeling my mouth full of shit just for mentioning the M word) where you're drinking one shot each time you're listening the words blood, sword, kill and other ridiculous stuff but by replacing them with weed, THC, getting high then you'll be shitfaced in album's first half. Oh yes...Mighty High, as their name suggests, are all about smoking weed and just for a change drinking some beer...

"Legalize Tre Bags" is their second album which offers us eleven highly enjoyable tracks of stoner punk 'n' roll. And when I'm saying stoner, I mean it literally. So grab a beer, roll a fatty and have fun by listening this bad boy. Mighty High are one of the most enjoyable, fun, high energy bands I've listened for a long time now. Mix up some MC5, Grand Funk, Blue Cheer with Black Flag and The Stooges for a cocktail full of pure rawk madness.

The hilarious opening track "I Don't Wanna Listen To Yes" gets you right in Mighty High's spirit. "The Ram" is definitely one of the best tunes having a great groove and some mammoth riffs. We're having "Speedcreep" and "Drug War" releasing their punk fury but also tracks like "Cheep Beer, Dirt Weeed" and "Loaded Loaded" moving in more classic hard rock paths so you're going to find everything you want to have some fun...

In "Tokin' N Strokin'" they give their own interesting version of David Carradine's adventurous life and tragic (and probably voluptuous) death. "Legalize Tre Bags" last track, "High On The Cross" frightened me a little bit in the beginning 'cause it started like a fuckin' ballad but fortunately they quickly got back on track. I think its brilliant title says it all and no further explanation is needed.

Last but not least, I must mention album's artwork which fits great with Mighty High's music. "Legalize Tre Back" is an addictive, vulgar, raw, aggresive, filthy son of a bitch. A thirty-minute bad-ass, pure garage-punk 'n' roll fun ride. Ιt's what you need to accompany your summer debaucheries. And further than that, you'll learn over 30 references to getting high. Get your degree on marijuana sciences in half an hour! Cheers!

01. I Don't Wanna Listen To Yes
02. Mooche
03. Speedcreep
04. Tokin' N Strokin'
05. Cheep Beer, Dirt Weeed
06. Drug War
07. Come On! I'm Holding
08. Loaded Loaded
09. Chemical Warpigs
10. High On The Cross

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