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The Lone Crows from Minneapolis started as a thrash metal outfit called "Heart OF Bristol" and after releasing a demo cd, they decided to change their name as well as their musical direction. I don't know what they had to say as a thrash band but I'm glad they made this step and evolved in a heavy blues rock band. Almost two months ago, they released their debut self-titled album featuring ten tracks of really great multi-influenced blues rock.

By listening to it for the first time, it's hard to believe that this is their debut. They're having well-written compositions, exceptional guitar work and their sound is so concrete that it's impossible to find a single flaw in it.... The band is tight, making you think that it's consisted of four mature blues-men with a lot of experience on their back.

Of course their influences surpass the limits of blues music including 70's heavy rock, grunge, even some psych and stoner rock references and yet they sound special and easy to distinguish from other bands. Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, Hendrix... all these great heroes are brought back to life through The Lone Crows' music.

"Lone Crow" makes clear right from the start the jam feeling you're going to experience throughout the album. "Can't Go Home Again" is where you can find how much Tim loves Layne Staley from Alice In Chains and in "Heard You Call", they're paying their kind of tribute to Carlos Santana, bringing in mind "Black Magic Woman" especially in the way it starts.

And then there are tunes like "Ghost" or "When I Move On" which will be enjoyed by anyone digging Radio Moscow. "The Crawl" is the song I most listened to and I tell you I enjoyed each and every time I pushed the replay button. In "Running Through My Head", a 13min blues saga, they added some organ parts which are perfect in my opinion and I suggest to use more of them in the future. They work great with this kind of stuff. It's a tool for making their music even sweeter and warmer. The Lone Crows are closing their album by paying their respects to all blues' legends with a track simple called "Blues".

This is an album that you love to hear again and again. It carries a quality you hardly find these days and a wide variety of music's evolution steps through time. It's hard to include it in the retro-rock movement which nowadays is everywhere since the music they play, can never be considered as something old or retro that needs to be revived. The Lone Crows' debut is waiting for you to discover it. Don't miss the chance!

Written by Thanos

01. Lone Crow
02. Can't Go Home Again
03. Heard You Call
04. You Got Nothing
05. Moonshine
06. The Ghost
07. When I Move On
08. The Crawl
09. Runnin' Through My Head
10. Blues

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