[Review] Torso - Inside

To be honest the first time I listened to Torso's debut album, I wasn't impressed. So I put the album aside to check it again in the future. Well the time has come when  few days ago I decided to give it a chance. When the opening track finished, I was wondering if the first time I was listening to something else. And as "Inside" went on I was 100% sure that as long as the album was staying in my pc, somehow it was evolved. Or maybe I suffer from periodical taste loss. Anyway the fact is that these guys released an addicting debut and believe me, it's a shame to miss it... I speak from experience...

They formed in 2009 in Vienna as an instrumental trio with the name Montezuma. After a while another member joined them, the drummer changed and here they are as a quartet called Torso, bringing us their debut album "Inside".

The first thing I noticed after the first couple of listens is that all their songs have a uniqueness, making easy to identify each one of them from the first notes. Torso bring an air of freshness with their music. You can distinguish their influences but their personal touch is everywhere making it hard to name them. Album's flow seems so natural and each time you're going to discover new things to love about them. What I like in my everyday's music dose is fuzz. A lot of fuzz. Gallons of fuzz. And here comes Torso to quench my thirst!

I'll start with their two longest tracks, "Inside" and "Voices". I consider "Voices" to be their weakest moment, although it reminds me a little bit of QOTSA (especially in its second part). On the other hand "Inside" is one of my favorites here. It's full of soul and at the same time it has balls. The tempo changes are constant, swaying between blues injected rock and lysergic high solos. Brilliant!

"One" and "Mona Lisa" are probably the album's hits. They're so fuckin' catchy and their melodies stuck in your head for good. There is no way to forget them! Once you've heard them, you're done. Two modern rock masterpieces!

"Black Man" brings in mind jam songs from bands like Radio Moscow or Samsara Blues Experiment, with a touch of psychedelic doomy blues. A heavy, powerful track, making you ask for more... "Inside" closes magnificently with "Haunting Witches", a hazy, atmospheric son(g) of a bitch which works also as an opening track since you're going to press repeat as soon as it ends. "Inside" is something like a vicious circle. By the time you sucked into it there is no way to get out of it!

My apologies to the band for neglecting them. It was a mistake. "Inside" is an entrancing blend which surprises you with its boldness, crispness and quality. Psychedelia, fat riffs, soulful vocals and evocative melodies are Torso's tools for creating an electrified, thrilling journey to what rock is all about. They rightfully gained my "downtuned appreciation"! Kudos!

Written by Thanos

01. One
02. Room
03. Inside
04. Mona Lisa
05. Black Man
06. Voices
07. Haunting Witches

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