[Review] DSW - Dust Storm Warning

DSW - Dust Storm Warning
DSW (Dawn Storm Watchers) surprised me in a positive way a year ago when they released their first EP. It was a massive one. Few days ago, Luca from Acid Cosmonaut Records came in touch to inform me about their first LP release which I hadn't the slightest idea that it was out...

I don't know how many of you had checked their EP but no matter what, you should listen to this one. These Italians worked their stuff and their evolution is clear from the first minutes of the album. 

"Dust Storm Warning" features eleven tracks or else nearly an hour of desert tripping. "Outrun", "Space Cubeship" and "Monkey Woman" are three great straight stoner rock gems, supported by a furious rhythm section while "Dune", "Sherpa" and "Wasteland" are three ravishing instrumental psych jams which bring in mind images like (and quoting DSW): "wide open Nepal's landscapes and a man walking in the distance"! 

"Lonely Coyote", "Trippin The Drill" and "Requiem" (along with the above mentioned "Space Cubeship") were included in DSW's EP but they've been evolved too. They are enriched, processed a bit more and with Wolf's vocals addition became even better. In "Lonely Coyote" DSW showcase their Colour Haze's influences, making it one of my favorite tracks. 

Another furious song is "666.1.333" injected with a lot of fuzz and grooove... The "funny" thing about it, is its title. While DSW were in the mixing phase, their sound engineer's pc showed this value, apparently with no reason and that's when they decided to name it by this event. 

I left "Rise" for the end because it's my favorite song and probably the most interesting one. It has a brilliant structure, building up slowly from a fusion-kind of jam to a stormy fuzzy, bass-heavy monster full of ultra-riffs and small punchy solos. Simply a kick ass song!

Definitely the band has matured and they know what they're doing. The production serves right throughout the album and the songwriting is excellent even in the changes they made in their earlier stuff. Wolf's addition in vocals was a successful step since he has a powerful, bassy voice which gives to DSW a lot of extra points. I don't know about you but as far as I'm concerned this is one of the best stoner rock albums for this year. Don't pass it by!

Written by Thanos

01. Outrun
02. Space Cubeship
03. 666.1.333
04. Dune
05. Lonely Coyote
06. Sherpa
07. Monkey Woman
08. Trippin the Drill
09. Rise
10. Wasteland
11. Requiem

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