[Review] Mass Culture - Amoralism EP

Mass Culture - Amoralism EP
Amoralism (or moral nihilism) is the state or view that nothing is intrinsically moral or immoral. Even acts like killing someone (no matter the reason) is by its nature neither right or wrong.
For amoralists, morality is a constructed complex set of rules and recommendations that may give a psychological, social, or economical advantage to its adherents, but is otherwise without universal or even relative truth in any sense.

A false state of amoralism is used by all Greek political parties nowadays in order to pass their agendas and present themselves as saviors, liberators or even Jesus' reincarnations.

And here is the paradox. They present their own techniques as moral, they're conquered by amoralism (not having the slightest regret for what their actions' result would be) and they're accusing their opponents' ways as immoral (the exact same thing applies to their followers, believers, useful idiots, sheep...you name it). Cool eh?

Most of the public trembles with fear, swaying between left and right, being hopeless and consequently transforming to an amoral mob (or immoral?). All these are leading to a nihilistic society where the bonds are shattered, the social structure is falling apart, false hopes are dominant and any attempt for logical, consistent thinking falls into the deepest cells of hell. Since the above mentioned political liberators are born and bred inside this mob, we're leading to a vicious circle of hallucinations considering our salvation...

And then Mass Culture came with their debut EP called "Amoralism" offering us the perfect nihilistic soundtrack. Although it's full of despair, pain, fear, rage and even guilt in the end works liberating by creating a crystal clear view of what we have become. Damn! I went completely out of track here but the current situation combined with Mass Culture's release, brought me this way... And maybe all the above are the perfect description for their music. But since I don't want to be unfair to the band let's see what they're all about using our usual terms...

Mass Culture is another new and very promising Greek band, formed in 2011 by Argy (guitar), Nick (guitar), John (drums) and Michalis (bass). They're following the steps of Neurosis, early-Isis and Cult Of Luna. All four tracks are mostly instrumental, combining successfully post-metal with sludge's suffocating heat. There are also some post-rock parts working like bridges of calmness among the apocalyptic attacks.

What I liked most is the constant change of "feelings". From tranquility to chaos and from decay to a little light of hope. Tracks like the opening "Sleeping Electric Sheep" or "Past, It Saw" are perfect for darkening your happy sunny day. I also noticed some neo-crust references here and there, making the whole blend even tastier.

While I'm not a big fan of post-metal related music, I'm always making an exception when it comes to good pieces of it. And "Amoralism" is one of these exceptions. Even if they're together as a band for a year now, they managed to put out a debut full of great dark music. I believe they're having a lot of potentials and will for even better things to come and I don't have the slightest doubt about it.

Written by Thanos
01. Sleeping Electric Sheep
02. The Difference Between
03. Past, It Saw
04. Double Retro

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