05 June 2012

[Quick Fixes] Axes, Astralnaut, Naam, Green Monster, Church Of Wolves, Aleph Null

Quick Fixes are here once more bringing you six brand new releases from Axes, Astralnaut, Naam, Green Monster, Church Of Wolves and Aleph Null.
Axes - Axes EP

Year: 2012
Hometown: Rosswein, Germany
01. Trap My Eyes
02. Barred Debt
03. Vows

Axes released their self-titled EP last year as a cd which was sold out. Couple of days ago, Life And Death Records re-released it on 7" vinyl which is always a wise move to do... This German trio combines harcore punk's aggression with stoner rock's powerful grooves. It's like Baroness or Kylesa had taken a more punk turn. You may also detect some crust elements (most of the times are quite latent though). All three tracks have a lot of good ideas and they're very enjoyable if you're into this kind of stuff. A band to watch out for in the future... Download it for free from their bandcamp page.

Astralnaut - Back To The Bog EP

Year: 2012
Hometown: Armagh, Ireland
01. Back To The Bog
02. Behold
03. G.U.P.I
04. Live For Nothing

Formed from the ashes of Oceanfall, Third Harvest and Stoned Messiah, Aquanaut deliver us their debut EP "Back To The Bog". A quite impressive start for these Irish guys, a blend of classic hard rock "emotions" with stoner's doomy punch. Although it is a great start, it's obvious that they're a newly formed band. The riffs are massive and well-performed, songs are solid  and the bluesy vibe is all over the EP. Sometimes it's quite rough both in terms of production and playing. Of course in tracks like "G.U.P.I.",  it's clear that they have a lot of talent creating powerful tunes where besides the instrumental part, their singer Thomas really showcasing his abilities as a singer (something I was missing in the rest of the songs). Great fresh start for a new band and definitely a worth-checking one. I think that with some more "work", they'll take the place they deserve out there...

Naam - The Ballad Of The Starchild

Year: 2012
Hometown: New York
01. Sentry Of Skies
02. Lands Unknown
03. History's Son
04. The Starchild
05. Exit Theme

I honestly love and admire Naam. I mean their album was a blast. This time with their new EP, they're moving to darker, unexplored paths of their inner space... They trick your mind, taking it for a trip to an altered state of consciousness. This time they left aside the psych/stoner jams and dived into a more hazy kraut-doom transcendent storm. Of course it's hard to describe all the styles they incorporate into their sound since they're so many and so well-crafted that are hard to distinguish. From the gently, relaxing "Sentry Of Skies" to the hypnotic, dizzy "Lands Unknown" and from the ritual "History's Son" to spacey, fuzzy, heavy load of  "The Starchild" everything sounds perfect and placed where they should be. "Exit Theme" is the final track where you feel free, floating in space and playing with stars in a place where nothing matters but your peace of mind. Another great EP from Naam where more the spins, bigger the magic.

Green Monster - Green Monster EP

Year: 2012
Hometown: Singapore
01. Run & Hide
02. Electric Lady
03. High & Mighty

Here are some kick ass, blues infused desert rock grooves straight from Singapore. Prepare yourself for heavy dirtiness, fuzzy and fat guitars and pumping bass lines packed up in a three-track EP. It would be unfair to forget mentioning the vocals which serve great, both in slow and faster parts. The sure thing is that you're going to ask for more. You can download it for free from their bandcamp page.

Facebook | Bandcamp
Church Of Wolves - Kentucky Fried Jesus

Year: 2012
Hometown: Durham, North Carolina
01. Kentucky Fried Jesus, Seriously
02. Sublime Catharsis
03. In Tangible Sun

A few days ago I stumbled across this bad-ass EP from Church Of Wolves. Τheir EP's title by itself was enough to check them out since I've never heard about them before. "Kentucky Fried Jesus" is their debut release (besides a demo they put out a year ago). If you're into blackened (mainly regarding the atmosphere) sludgy doom then this is a band you've got to check out. The -almost- 10min same titled track is a bloody slayer... Download it by paying anything you want from their bandcamp page.

Facebook | Bandcamp
Aleph Null - Dale EP

Year: 2012
Hometown: Düsseldorf / Köln, Germany
01. Dale
02. Kill The Colossus
03. Protogrammar
04. Noah
05. Sidewinder
06. Corridor

If their first EP sounds like that, I cannot wait for a full album by these guys. "Dale" features six tracks, mixing stoner and sludge with grunge and psychedelia. I was surprised by the band's "maturity" since they're together as a band for a few months now. They use a lot of complex melodies along with mammoth guitar riffs and of course vocals that cannot pass unnoticed. They really manage to create some very inspired and why not, original compositions by combining their talent in songwriting with the passion of well-played music. Currently they're out of free credits in their bandcamp page so until they get some you can download it from here.

Facebook | Bandcamp

Written by Thanos


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