[Review] Make - Trephine

Few days ago I received a mail from Devouter Records for Make's debut album. I started downloading the album right away and at the same time I made a little "research" about Make since I've never heard about them. The results of my search were quite disappointing. And I'll explain my self by quoting: "with touches of doom, drone, and post-metal", "an assured debut that firmly stamps MAKE’s mark on the post-metal map", "long passages of progressive, post-rock/sludge-doom"... Yes I'm totally prejudiced when it comes to anything containing the word "post". And yes most of the times, I'm getting completely bored when I'm listening a "post" release.

But since they sent me their album, I gave it a chance and put it in my player... I'll describe how I felt during the process of listening with an example. Do you know what "Trephine" is? No? Neither did I. Trephine is a surgical instrument having circular, sawlike edges, used to cut out disks of bone, usually from the skull (see album's cover). Now imagine three guys with one of these instruments in their hands cutting pieces of bones from your own skull. Again and again... Nine times in a row. When the album finishes, you end up with your brain totally uncovered and vulnerable to their attacks of despair.

If you still haven't been convinced check a couple of their tunes like "Ancient Tongues", "Returning To The Ruins Of My Birthplace" or "Surrounded By Silent Lies".  With Scott's mammoth riffs and death-spitting vocals, Matt's slow-paced, haunted drumming and Spencer's twisting bass, Make create a post-apocalyptic world and you are its only resident. "Trephine" is an album that excites your imagination, making you a protagonist in a dry, suffocating, dystopian world where hope for something better is present and at the same time absent... The line between right and wrong is blurred.

"Trephine" wolfs your senses down at once. Take your time and explore Make's world. They built it for you, they've given you all the escape paths and now it's up to you to make the choice.

In my opinion this is an excellent debut. A mature, complete, multi-layered release which gets more interesting each time you're listening to it without frazzling you with "innovations", "experimentations" and drivel. Give yourself a break, put your headphones on and find your way out of Make's labyrinth...

Written by Thanos
01. Ancient Tongues
02. After The Dust Settles
03. Returning To The Ruins Of My Birthplace
04. And Time Came Undone
05. Valhalla
06. Surrounded By Silent Lies
07. Rotting Palace
08. Scorched Sky
09. Into The Falling Grey

Physical Needs: here

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