[Review] At Devil Dirt - Chapter II "Vulgo Gratissimus Auctor"

Eight months ago, I came across At Devil Dirt and I posted their debut album in Stoned Sun Vibrations. I was really surprised because I had never heard about them before (their debut was released last March, I discovered them in October). Better late than never...

At Devil Dirt is a Chilean duo (guitar and drums) and they're back with their second album, Chapter II "Vulgo Gratissimus Auctor" which is released digitally for the time being. But it will also come out as a digipack cd (300 copies) and as a vinyl (100 copies) in late August.

At Devil Dirt are a fuzz-driven band. I don't know how many of you have checked their debut but in case you did, you know what I'm talking about. In their debut they showed a lot of potentials but also they knew what they want  and how to accomplish it. Their "vision" is continued in Chapter II which in my opinion is a flawless album, taking their music a step further...

They added more fuzz (only god knows how this is possible...), their melodies got even better and catchier and I noticed a great improvement in Nestor's vocals. It's quite hard to believe that you're dealing with a two-man band here. The album features 11 tracks and all of them are moving in high quality levels.

What I really liked is the addition of harmonica (played by Jorge Luis Paillao from El Gran Temor) in two tracks, "I'm an ugly skin" and "Don't Be Afraid", which works amazingly good by adding a touch of spaghetti western bad-assness into the existing smoked-up, dusty scenery. Jorge Luis Paillao contributes also with some extra vocals in "I Said Goddamn".

I find it hard to choose some favorites from this album and multiple listens don't help. On the contrary they're making things even harder. I think that At Devil Dirt is unique in what they're doing. They managed to create their own identity, their own sound which definitely stands out. This time they reduced a little bit the dose of sludge (or even better they disguised it) but the fuzzy-doom greatness is present as well as the grunge elements that characterize them (see Alice In Chains).

Long story short, At Devil Dirt is a band you ought to check out and be sure to give both their albums multiple listens 'cause each and every time will sound even more exciting. At Devil Dirt are a sincere, special band that for once more offered us one of the year's best releases.

Written by Thanos
01. I Am An Ugly Skin
02. That The Start Sweet Ends Bittter
03. Better The Devil You Know Than The Devil You Don't Know
04. Let It Flow
05. Don't Be Afraid
06. Lie To Me
07. Curse
08. I walk Aimlessly
09. I Said Goddamn
10. Peel
11. Unleash Your Anger

For physical needs check also their bandcamp.

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