[Review] Saturna - The Kingdom Of Spirit

Well, guess what, this is yet another one on the retro side. Spanish Saturna is a four-member band formed in 2010 in Barcelona. Their first debut album "The Kingdom Of Spirit", given to us by "Seven Snake Records",  is the result of their recording sessions over the years. The band defines itself as "a rock band, that you cannot include in any particular genre". I would say that they are deeply steeped into that 70's hard rock pool that has officially become my recent musical fixation. With 8 dirty full powered tracks, this release sets off to please every sworn adherent of Orchid, Fellwoods, Graveyard...well, you get the point.

What I really digged in this album was the diversity it had between tracks. There is modern prog accompanying doom heavy riffs, genuine stoner tunes setting the tone and pure 70's old school agitation all over the place. As the band promises you can't actually tell where doom gives place to psychedelia or even when you are transferred from the 70's era to today's stoner frenzy. Oh let's not forget the bluesy heartbreaking "The Hermes Stone".

I particularly enjoyed "Mountain Woman Ritual" with its fuzzy, furious riffs, as women themed tunes are my weak spot and "Seven Magic Spells" (a girl surely needs her doom now and then and if you listen closely you might detect a pinch of Electric Wizard somewhere in there). But the big surprise was "Master Of The Secret Arts". I had a strong déjà vu, that until now I can't quite determine. You know that lovely feeling you get as if you got rambled at an undefined time and place you surely loved sometime and that's the only thing you are all going to remember about it... Thanks a lot Saturna! That tune messed me up real bad and I can't help but listening to it again and again.

Sooo, with all being said, take my advice and check them out people. I think this is an album you'll enjoy as well. It's written and played very well. It's honest, unique and deserves to be played at maximum volume. After all , how often do you stumble upon a group that cannot classify itself musically but still brings off to offer you a damn good album... There's a question for you.

Written by Maria

01. Master Of The Secret Arts
02. This God Is Wicked
03. Mountain Woman Ritual
04. Light The Candles In Thirteen
05. Seven Magic Spells
06. Morning Star
07. The Kingdom Of Spirit
08. The Hermes Stone

"The Kingdom Of Spirit" was released in vinyl format by Odio Sonoro Records & Seven Snakes Records. For physical needs: Odio Sonoro Records

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