21 May 2012

[Quick Fixes] Farflung/White Hills, Across Tundras/Hellbender, Astroll, Steak, Sweat Lodge

Second Quick Fixes "session" is here. This time I've included to splits, by Farflung/White Hills and Across Tundras/Hellbender as well as three EPs from some really promising bands; Astroll, Steak and Sweat Lodge. Enjoy!
Farflung / White Hills - Split

Year: 2012
Hometown: Los Angeles & New York
01. Fade (Farflung)
02. To Find The Secret Door (White Hills)

Two great bands joined their forces for releasing a split, pressed in 1000 vinyl copies. While I was expecting it for quite a long time, I must say that it left me half disappointed. The split features two tracks. The first one "Fade" comes from Farflung and it's a 11min spaced out, swirling one with great grooves. Spacey in the beginning, slowing down after a while and then lifting off again... And then White Hills' "To Find The Secret Door" comes up and here is where my disappointment starts... It starts with some bells ringing, drones, a pinch of ambience... And that's fine with me... But the same thing keeps going and going for 14 minutes... I'm not a fan of this repetitive drone-y ambient kind of sound and I was expecting something different... Some of you may like it but it didn't work for me. So GO Farflung!

Astroll - Astroll EP

Year: 2012
Hometown: Poland
01. Mug Of Acid
02. Red Cannon
03. Rise With The Fallen

Not much info around about these guys... I accidentally discovered them through bandcamp. Probably this EP is their first work and it's bloody good stoner rock. Crunchy riffs, strong rhythm section and a lot of doom touches packed up in a high energy EP. Vocals may sound a little bit strange in the beginning for a lot of you but after a while you'll notice that they're completely fitting in Astroll's attitude. "Rise With The Fallen" is the EP's highlight if you ask me. Don't pass them by.... Download it by paying anything you want from their bandcamp.

Steak - Disastronaught EP

Year: 2012
Hometown: London, UK
01. The Butcher
02. Machine
03. Gore Whore
04. Fall Of Lazarus
05. Peyote

Although we have not anything original or innovative here, Steak's EP hooked me up for good. Classic fuzzy-driven stoner rock, a homage to stoner's great ones like Dozer but it's so freaking awesome. It has passion, talent and enough power to serve your sensitive ears on a plate. These guys are real bad-asses, judging by EP's cover and they're here to stay. Download it by paying anything you want from their bandcamp. Invest!

Facebook | Bandcamp
Across Tundras / Hellbender - Split
Year: 2012
Hometown: Nashville & Cookeville, Tennessee
01. Solar Ark
02. Kali Yuga

A killer two-track split, brought to us by two of Tennessee's finest bands. "Solar Ark" is a classic Across Tundras tune. Down-tempo, raw and at the same time melodic and experimental. It rejoices your soul and clears your mind. Hellbender on the other hand, these LSD priests of psych madness, deliver us another brilliant piece of  bluesy doom grooves wrapped in a vintage psychedelic package. You can download it for free through Hellbender's website.

Across Tundras | Hellbender
Physical Needs: here or here
Sweat Lodge - Sweat Lodge EP

Year: 2012
Hometown: Austin, Texas
01. Sonic Sunlight (Something Ain't Right)
02. Slow burn
03. Chest Pane
04. Tokens For Hell

What is going to happen if you mix stoner grooves with Austin's psych garage tradition? You'll get something like Sweat Lodge's same-titled EP. This is a really quick fix... Four tracks, 11 and half minutes of high octane,  heavy, smoked up rock 'n' roll melting your face. 

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Written by Thanos


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