[Review] Potergeist - Muddy Mermaids

And while the raindrops fall, a voice prays for absolution… "Forgive me God  for I'm about to Rock 'n' Roll… Again…" And the orgy starts… Again! After a 4-year break from their last release, Potergeist dive again in the sins' swamp! And since summer is near just open a beer, type in "www.potergeist.com" and enjoy their second release until we get it in our hands in a physical form from Distroball Productions.

"Forgiven" is the opening track and certainly prefigures for what about you are goin' to hear.

Heavy and unbearable rock, with a great groovy riff and a taste of a hoarse, bluesy harmonica completing the instrumentation. The rest comes with "The Next Man" with a darker character but again without lacking that rock / blues element. In about the same style ranges the next one "Rivers and Oceans", already known to the Pot's fan base, as one of their highlights to their latest live shows. Already listened to the half of the album, I come up against a riff familiar to me which is the "Beggar", already released on their 2007 debut "Southwards". So in this version we hear the band "covering" itself, importing a 70's hard rock style which might be missing from track's first recording. 

And while I have a great time, I grab another beer and I continue with "Smokestack Lightnin'" which escapes a little from the overall style of the disc but without losing the element of the true rock 'n' roll feeling. The first image that comes in mind is a chick in underwear and a cowboy hat, making that pole dancing… Waking up from the dream we're moving on to the next one "Heal The Sad" with the already known genre and style of the band with heavy riffs and a melodic refrain, as well as "Rebel" being a personal favorite of the album. The eighth and last track is the album’s same-titled "Muddy Mermaids" with female vocals in a leading role and the main riff being easily imprinted in your mind.

In conclusion we have a very powerful album with a lot of  "back to the roots" references, influenced by the modern styles (no need to refer to specific bands), meticulous production and intelligent instrumentations. Also remarkable is the work done in the voice and drums, as well as the artwork where we observe that Poter do not change styles, but they add or remove elements as their mood changing states through time...
So now you can sin in your knowledge and listen to Potergeist's new album, without fear but with passion!

Written by Chef
01. Forgiven
02. The Next Man
03. Rivers And Oceans
04. Beggar
05. Smokestack Lightnin'
06. Heal The Sad
07. Rebel
08. Muddy Mermaids

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