[Quick Fixes] Free Nelson Mandoomjazz, Brujas Del Sol, Gurt/Dopefight, Fister

quick fixes

Another new feature is added on Downtuned Mag. In "Quick Fixes" I'll post about EPs, singles, splits, 7", etc. and I'll include 4-5 releases in each post. This time I'm bringing you five releases for your ears' pleasure. Enjoy!
Free Nelson Mandoomjazz - The Shape Of Doomjazz To Come

Year: 2012
Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland
01. Into The Sky
02. Where My Soul Can Be Free
03. The Masque Of Red Death

First demo from Edinburgh doom-jazz trio (bass, drums & alto sax), Free Nelson Mandoomjazz. Three tracks full of powerful doom vibes packed up in a dark free form jazz experimentation package. Sax works great with the bass-drums combo. A sacramental aura derives from their music and embraces you, sometimes in order to protect you and others to devour your soul. All songs were recorded live and in one take. Definitely a worth-checking band! I'll keep an eye on these guys.

Brujas Del Sol - Moonliner Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Year: 2012
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
01. Satanic Surf Girls Love To Dance
02. Castles Upon Golden Gate
01. Conquistadors
02. Baba Yaga

Brujas Del Sol released the first two volumes of their 3-part project. Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, each one consisting of 2 songs. Their music is (mostly instrumental) psych/desert rock in the veins of 35007, Yawning Man, Wooden Shjips... Add a small portion of experimental vox (like in Conquistadors), a bit of surf and the trippy, mesmerizing jam feeling we all love, stir well and enjoy.... The perfect soundtrack for chilling out on a hot summer night. All three parts along with some extra songs will be released as one album later this year by Devouter Records. As far as I'm concerned this is one of the most anticipated upcoming releases. Since then go to their bandcamp, download them and feel the love!
Dopefight & Gurt - Split 7"

Year: 2012
Hometown: Brighton, UK & London, UK
01. Stonk (Dopefight)
02. Green Solace (Dopefight)
03. Soapfeast (Gurt)
04. Dudes With Beards With Cats (Gurt)

Two of the filthiest swamp monsters, Dopefight and Gurt, joined their forces and released an awesome 7" split, contributing two new tracks each. Gurt's downtuned, thunderous sludge 'n' roll meets Dopefight's  power-violent hardcore sludge in a bloody bong-feast! You can download the split by paying anything you want in two pieces from their bandcamp pages.

Gurt: Website | Facebook | Bandcamp ||| Dopefight: Facebook | Bandcamp
Physical Needs: here or here
Fister - The Infernal Paramount

Year: 2012
Hometown: St.Louis, Missouri
01. Deaf Wish
02. River Coffins

Fister latest release is a two track vinyl which will be released on 18th of May (but you can always pre-order and download it by paying anything you want). I really love these guys and their muddy, monolithic, hellish violation of music. Doom/Sludge at its best!

Facebook | Bandcamp | Physical Needs
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