[Live Report] Karma To Burn, 1000mods @ Thessaloniki, 17/12/2011

Karma To Burn, 1000mods @ Thessaloniki, 17/12/2011

After quite a long time I was able (at last) to attend a gig… When Karma To Burn’s live in Thessaloniki was announced I knew that I have to go. And by the time 1000mods confirmed as their supporting act there was no other way… But before I start I want to clarify something.
This is NOT a "balanced" report! I wanted so badly to catch this gig in order to see 1000mods live. I loved their album, I knew that it’s meant to be played live and like it or not 1000mods come first in my live like-o-meter (haters gonna hate…). And to set it in a little bit different basis. When it comes to Karma To Burn the most of you know what to expect, what you’re going to see and that they’re heavy as fuck. It’s time to learn what’s happening when 1000mods give their soul…

So I arrived at Eightball club few minutes before 1000mods take the stage. Since it was their first live in Thessaloniki after 6 years, I expected quite a bigger audience. I knew that this was going to be a blast but when their music started to flow, I realized that my expectations were way to low for what I was seeing. Two furious guitars, a groovy as hell bass and a crazy bastard behind the drums (Lab managed to break his snare in the first ten minutes…) blasting all over the place with epic glory and melting your face with their stoner vibes.
Karma To Burn, 1000mods @ Thessaloniki, 17/12/2011
The band was as tight as it gets, had a great amount of energy which stayed irreducible until the last second of their performance (in this case, it seems that their European tour helped a lot on how they "stand" on the scene) . Vidage, El Rollito, Road To Burn, Track Me…just to name few of the tracks they performed which made the amps screaming and bleeding... And of course they closed the live with the same titled “Super Van Vacation”, probably the album’s best track, offering us almost 9 minutes of powerhouse, intense psych stoner eargasm… What a great way to say goodnight! A brilliant performance from the best Greek stoner band at the moment!

Karma To Burn, 1000mods @ Thessaloniki, 17/12/2011
After a short break, we were ready for Karma To Burn to continue what the Chiliomodians started… And it wasn’t hard… Although at the beginning the crowd was a little bit “cold” (something probably caused by the songs’ selection), after a couple of tracks, “34” kicked in and…all hell broke loose. For almost one hour and a half and with tunes like “20” and “36” the burning trio managed to keep a full club moving up and down like there was no tomorrow. You can’t expect anything less from these guys…Instrumental HEAVY rock at its best! And of course Rob Oswald, the beloved bearded monk (one of the greatest representatives of “Say no to beard racism” movement…) gave his own show with his special drumming style.
Karma To Burn, 1000mods @ Thessaloniki, 17/12/2011
Overall this was a fuckin’ amazing live. Both bands gave their best and they were richly rewarded by the audience. An awesome two-way relation. As I wrote above, Karma To Burn was top notch but for me 1000mods steal the show and gained my respect. I’m hoping to catch them again soon and this time for – let’s say – a two hour performance!

*A big fat thanks to 1000mods (especially to Lab and Dani), Vic and Just A Burn for the great night after the live at Drifter, as well as to all the ladies ‘n’ gents who were there.
*Also cudos to the guys from Bulgaria who made all this way to Thessaloniki to catch the live!

Report by Thanos
Photos & Videos by Sakaros

Here are a couple videos from the gig (for more check this channel):

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