[Live Report] Deus Ex Machina, The Raindogs, The Dive @ Athens, 12/11/2011

Deus Ex Machina, The Raindogs, The Dive @ Athens, 12/11/2011

After a short road trip I had last day in Tripoli and being quiet tired the best choice for the Saturday night was to go down to Exarcheia Square, in order to watch a live in An Club that was very promising.
Two bands, The Raindogs and The Dive, presenting their debut album and the veterans Deus Ex Machina presenting a special 7’’ vinyl with 2 covers in historic punk songs!

The weather was rainy and very cold from the beginning of the day. So at about 22.30 o’ clock, I entered the club and there were about 200 people in the venue waiting for the first band of the night to begin their set.

At 23:00 The Dive took the stage in order to open the Lab Fest and warm up the audience. From the first moment it seemed that this would be a bit tricky, since it failed to win many of the attendees on site. Although playing several years as a band, every time I see them they don’t give me the best impression especially with their attitude towards the public ... and one example, yesterday we have not heard a "thank you" but only the German "danke". Now talking about their music, The Dive play alternative psychedelic garage rock with maximum songs' duration of 3 minutes but largely passed a bit indifferent to the public except of  Billy Jean and Fabio Fabio.

Then was the turn of The Raindogs to entertain us for about 40 minutes, which from the first notes seemed easy to do. The band appeared in good mood as usual and began to gain a good impression. This mood passed towards to public which danced to the garage & ska rhythms makin' the live to look more like a party! Their appearance's highlight was the guest vocals on the last song by Stavros of Deus Ex Machina! The multi-member band did what knows well for years and it was a good warm up for the headliners of the night... Deus Ex Machina.

It was about 1:00 and the club was full of people waiting for Deus Ex Machina to appear on stage. The band hit the stage and from the first notes the heaviness and the purity of their sound seemed that we were there to enjoy that live. The setlist included most of their hits which have been released through their 20-year career. They also played a new song, which moves in the style they have used us all these years which seemed to win easily the audience. Getting at the end of the night we heard  two covers of two popular punk songs of the Greek Scene, included to the new 7'' Ep. The first rows of the audience had a really good time with Stavros, making him to do extended crowd surfing. The first song was "Bastardokratia", talkin' about the decay of the political system and the second one was "38 mm", a tribute to a 15 year old boy that was murdered by a policeman 20 years ago in Athens with a 32mm gun. Their encore featured two more tracks and another energetic and fair live performance by Deus Ex Machina came to an end letting all of us waiting for the next one…

In conclusion we enjoyed another high-energy live and we are looking forward for the next time! Also we have to congratulate The Lab Records for the real good organization of the gig and for the remarkable new album releases.

Report by Chef

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